About Dry Wells

What's a Dry Well?

A dry well is a filtration system that filters the backwash from your water softening system before that backwash goes out into the soil. Prior to 2014 homeowners didn't have to worry about discharging directly into their septic system, but now the health department requires that water softening systems discharge into a dry well or city sewer.


Both the DEEP and department of health have known for some time that discharging into your septic system is a bad idea, primarily because the salt erodes concrete systems and it can kill the good bacteria that breaks down septic waste..


Minnow Brook Services works with a local well and pump company to map out and install your dry well, then cover the hole back up. We have to follow very specific guidelines like you did when you installed your well to be sure the dry well is situated legally on your property. 


If you're selling your house and don't yet have a dry well, you should consider installing one. And If you care about the health and longevity of your septic system and don't have access to city sewers, you should consider installing one. Call Mike to come over and give you an estimate.